Simple And Effective Accessibility Features To Add To Your Website

In a world where the internet is like a second home, welcoming diverse online visitors is as important as having a cosy sofa. Yet, many websites still resemble high-end boutiques: chic but not quite user-friendly. Here, we shed light on the web’s invisible stairlifts—accessibility features that don’t just empower users but also boost your site’s search rankings.

Alt Text: The Best Thing Since Text Sliced Bread

Spoiler alert: “Alt” did not stand for “Alternate Universe.” In web design, an alt tag is your image’s chance to shine when images can’t. Think of it as that sociable friend who describes each Instagram pic for the visually impaired. Beyond altruism, it’s also an SEO buzzword. Search engines gobble up these tiny bits of text and serve them on a silver (search) platter to crawl bots, further indexing your imagery.

Keyboard Navigation: The Ultimate Web Wanderlust

Ever heard someone say ‘I’m all ears’ but it’s now ‘I’m all keys’? No? Just us? Well, keyboard navigation is how our visually limited mates explore the internet without a mouse, laying the groundwork for a seamless user adventure. Implementing this means ensuring every clickable element on your site is reachable without having to perform a Cirque du Soleil act with a mouse.

Colour Contrast: Your Site’s New Pair Of Glasses

Loud shirts from the ’90s might be making a comeback, but eye-straining colour combinations should stay hidden in the past. A high colour contrast between your text and background is like using safety nets on a trampoline. It’s about safety, folks. By ensuring that your site’s colour palette sings harmoniously for all your users, you contribute to a positive—and not to mention stylish—visiting experience.

Descriptive Headings And Link Text: The Guidebook To Your Website

Imagine a pizza shop with a menu that just says ‘Pizza.’ Not insightful, right? That’s how users can feel about headings and links that don’t scream clarity. Make your headings pop with information, and your links whisper enticing descriptions. This isn’t just about throwing a semantic salad; it’s about serving up navigation that’s both inclusive and engaging.

Video Captions And Transcripts: Subtitles For The Soul

Videos are the new magazines, and captions are your newest subscribers, regardless if they left their glasses at home. This simple feature not only helps the hearing impaired but also people who have their devices on silent. Additionally, transcripts are a hidden SEO gem, further enhancing the discoverability of your video content.

The SEO And Engagement Payoff Of Accessibility

These are not bells and whistles for your site; they’re the hallways that connect rooms in your online home. Accessible web design isn’t just about being morally upright; it’s a business perspective that aligns engagement and reach with the interests of all your users. By enhancing your site with these features, you’re not just doing good; you’re doing great for your digital presence. If you’re struggling with any features, work with King Kong


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